Tom Warren BSc (Hons), MBIAC, MIAgrM

Our Director, Tom Warren BSc (Hons), MBIAC, MIAgrM, possesses an extensive professional CV as the result of his nearly two decades of working across the full spectrum of the foodservice and hospitality sector from “Fork to Farm” (in that order!). Throughout his career, he has also had hands-on experience working with dairy, arable, and beef farms in addition to his time spent within a crop research unit.

His rich diversity in experience not only makes Tom a well-versed subject matter expert but also serves as a veritable well of knowledge to draw from when assisting clients in their efforts toward rural business diversification and other agricultural ventures.

Previously working as an agricultural consultant with Reading Agricultural Consultants, Tom appraised a wide range of agricultural and rural businesses in the context of planning applications on behalf of Local Planning Authorities in and around Surrey. He further contributed to a multitude of Farm Impact Assessments for housing developments in the same region.

Throughout his professional career, he has established a diverse wealth of knowledge and understanding. Now specialising in the agricultural and rural sector, Tom’s interests currently lie in the areas of extensive farming systems, sustainable agriculture, the environment, and rural business diversification.

Whether he is assisting in the drafting of agricultural justification statements or mapping out orchards, his attention to detail combined with his logical and visual thinking in all facets, offer a truly individualised service that caters specifically to each client’s requirements.